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Donna Yost 1953-2022

This tribute to Donna was given on Sept. 16, 2022 at the opening of our exhibit, "Light My Fire". We lost our dear friend on September 18, 2022. Farewell, Donna. May you be in peace.

Tribute to Donna

The potters of POWR, would to dedicate this exhibit to someone who is near and dear to us. Donna Yost, an inaugural member since POWR’s inception on April 21, 2010, has been a loyal and integral part of our organization. She is a generous friend who in time of need will offer up her time, her materials, her tools and her energy to help fellow potters who have run out of time, out of clay or just out of inspiration.

Donna is a dedicated functional potter: cups and bowls and plates, you get the idea. You’ll see that in her work here tonight. Donna’s obsession has been to create work for anyone and everyone to own and use on a daily basis. In Donna’s own words, “I love seeing pottery used in every day life. The coffee cup. The cereal bowl. The pie plate. Honor your pottery pieces, use them. Feel the love that went into them each time you use them”.

At times, our POWR group has tried to push Donna out of her comfort zone. For instance, for one show in years past, each member was tasked with creating a totem. This was NOT an assignment Donna relished, but true to form, she tackled the assignment with masterful results. As totems from our members soared to the ceiling in height and--well height--Donna, under mild protest, produced the most charming totem that left all of our jaws dropping, at a mere 18” tall.

Donna has been an avid supporter of our native clay explorations. She has been there for every dig and has been relentless in pursuing the all of the processing and technical

aspects of this project. You will find her work showcased here within our native clay

project display.

In the last five years, Donna has been battling cancer. In spite of her struggles, she has continued to attend every POWR meeting, participate in every show, and has powered through without complaint. Donna cannot be with us tonight, as her health has brought her to a crossroads.

The last five years have not stopped Donna. Despite her diagnoses, you could find her at Beaver Creek on skis, riding the Squaw/Baldwin loop on her bike, or hiking to the falls.

We are missing a vital member here tonight, but we know she is here in spirit. We’d like

to honor Donna with a toast to celebrate her life and the enrichment she has brought to ours. Salut!


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