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Ben Jordan to Conduct Workshop in Lander!

POWR, along with Lander Valley High School, will be hosting Ben Jordan in a three day workshop, August 6, 7 & 8 at the Lander Valley High School.

Ben is a talented artist, born and raised in the American Southwest, and currently residing in Montana. His work is both sculptural and functional and explores the complex social geography of modern society and the intricate relationship between mankind and the environment. His ceramic sculpture serves as a metaphor for a wider global panorama of political power and industrial production. He is currently exploring the lineage of manifest destiny, from its beginnings in Europe to westward expansion in America, to forms it has taken in modern America. These ceramic forms serve as the conceptual grounds upon which to explore industry and culture. In these works Ben simultaneously celebrates the history of the pastoral life while questioning the ideologies of modern society. Through hand-labor, contemplative making, and a reverence for tradition, he aims to explore both interrelated and divergent human perceptions using clay as primary medium.

For more information about Ben, check out his website:

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