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POWR Artists Participate in National Clay Week for "Cups of Conversation"

POWR Potters "product testing" their hand-made wares!

POWR Potters participated in National Clay Week for "Cups of Conversation" on October 14, 2016. Bartender Kevin at the Lander Bar was more than happy to help with our project. "Cups of Conversation" was created to celebrate how what you do at a local level impacts our whole field. As artists we value the handmade and appreciate the artisan behind the work. This was an opportunity for us to share that with our community. As makers we create functional objects. We are familiar with them, we value them, and we were trained to understand them. Yet, these objects are often underappreciated by the general public. This project is aimed to connect makers and their pots to people who otherwise would not have accessed them. "Cups of Conversation" encourages local potters to focus on the needs of their state using handmade cups as a catalyst for conversation, sharing, listening, and connecting with your neighbors.

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