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Heather Foss

Some of my most beloved memories in art classes throughout my youth were the moments clay was caught under my fingernails and smudging my clothes and skin. The smell, the feel, the challenge to create even one thing. 


I love the way clay changes form, with water and my hands. Then how fire and glaze change it into something permanent and usable. I find joy in sharing pieces I create with others and in taking my own pottery to live in my kitchen, where my family and I get to see and use it daily. 


I am new to the pottery world, outside of a few classes in highschool, and am still practicing many of the skills. The learning process has been delightful. What I want most for my pottery is to create pieces people enjoy looking at, holding, using and sharing while not being afraid of it breaking. Cherish it and value it but also let it be part of your life. I can always make more! 

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