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My work mainly consists of salt-fired Porcelain and Stoneware.  The salt-firing process is unique in that salt is introduced into the kiln when it reaches the proper temperature (2345 degrees F for my work).  Inside the kiln, the salt vaporizes and fuses with the pieces, forming its own glaze.  I also use various slips and glazes to further decorate the pots.


I draw inspiration from many sources—nature, other artists I admire, and even current events.  I love to experiment and play with form. You will see this in both in my functional and sculptural work.


In my functional work, my goal is to make the pieces “special”.  I hope that everyday users will appreciate being “in the moment” as they sip from their hand-made cup or enjoy soup from their favorite bowl.


My sculptural pieces all have specific meaning for me, but sometimes are just fun!  I don’t wish to impose my views of the work upon others, but would rather viewers lend their own interpretation to the pieces within their own contexts and ideas.  Most importantly, I hope the sculptures will inspire viewers to pause and consider how the piece relates to their lives.


Please visit my website, for more information and for purchasing. My website offers my entire inventory for sale via Paypal. For purchasing through Etsy, click the shop button here.

Deborah Britt

Bottle Set
Tall Teapot
Vase with Floral Design
Wine Holder/Utility Pot
Large Square Serving Bowl
Oval Pot Set with Thumb Lugs
Sake Set
Flower Brick
Oil Bottle
Jaunty Teapot
Firkin Bucket
Oil Bottle
Detail of "The Falls"
Oil Bottle
Whisky Jug
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