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Potters of the Wind Rivers (POWR) was established on April 21, 2010 to promote the ceramic arts within our region, and to establish a network of artists for communal support and outreach for the purpose of education.   Our goal is to further educate the public regarding the value of the ceramic arts as a viable medium for artistic expression, whether embodied in a functional object, or a thought-provoking sculptural piece.


POWR is an artist's organization with approximately 13 active members.  Current activities include critique of members' art work, demonstrations of specific techniques by our members, pooling of resources for obtaining and maintaining supplies, establishment of a presence within our area through teaching both adult and children's classes as well as establishing a marketing protocol, and sponsoring visiting ceramic artists for workshops and classes. We also share resources such as kiln firings, etc. with the long-term goal of establishing a physical location to house equipment and provide space for classes, workshops, etc. 




L to R:  Pamela Spencer Hockett, Carolyn Orr, Peggy Want, Deborah Britt, Susan Frost, Shawna Pickinpaugh, Joy Jones, Monika Andrews, Jenny Reeves-Johnson


Pamela Spencer-Hockett, Cristin Zimmer, Carolyn Orr, Shawna Pickipaugh, Donna Yost, Joy Jones and Majelle Lee

Pamela Spencer-Hockett, Joy Jones, Donna Yost, Carolyn Orr, Shawna Pickinpaugh, Majelle Lee and Deborah Britt

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